Analysis of Current Overseas Study Market


3.      Limited Information on Canadian Universities


Canada has numerous universities. They are diverse, offer varying options, and differing requirements to students. Students who want to study in Canada must be aware of many things including education mechanisms, requirements, specializations, and locations of universities. Most students and their parents know how important this is but they suffer from a lack of effective and sufficient information. They cannot but follow hearsay and finally get lost on the way abroad. Many people have the perception that they will be admitted to their ideal university as long as their English proficiency meets the requirements, so some senior high school students fight for improving their English level but abandon the university entrance examination and senior high school diploma, and then start application procedure hastily. However this may not be adequate as requirements of universities vary. Canadian universities, for example, require students to provide a senior high school diploma and most Canadian universities, especially the better ones, ask for studentsí» scores of university entrance examinations. Therefore, blind preparation may result in a failure to be accepted and to receive a degree.


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