General Study Program (GSP): Advantages


1.      It is reliable.


There are many factors restricting students who want to study abroad such as complex procedures, differences in cultures and educational systems and the problems associated with acquiring a student visa. Students who are eager to go abroad look to an agency that can assist them with these complicated procedures, explain foreign cultures and societies, and help choose the best direction for them.

The GSP can solve all these problems. Firstly, the program and staff know the current situation of Chinese higher education and studentí»s demands and qualities; secondly, it is familiar with the Canadian education system, teaching methods, and features and requirements of each university. More importantly, CNEEC keeps close and regular communication and exchange with many Canadian universities. Therefore, CNEEC is able to help choose the most suitable university for each student according to his or her performances and demands. As well, the visas for studying in Canada will be processed together, which completely relieves studentsí» difficulties.


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