Development Trends in Overseas Study


2.      Chinese Trends and High Quality Programs Leading in the Market


As one of the most effective Canadian education exchange agencies in China, CNEEC has been developing the Chinese market for 6 years, and we make a great effort to keep the high quality program. As the economy develops and living standards improve, consumers become more and more demanding. We have found the same situation occurs in the overseas study market. Overseas students are now demanding the best quality services and are very selective when it comes to choosing an overseas study agency.  They tend to opt for agencies that provide complete and systematic services. Therefore, only the complete and self-contained overseas study agencies can achieve wide recognition and are able to maintain a leading position in Chinese overseas study market.  Any good overseas agency has the following three features:

Overseas study agencies must follow strict requirements and make operating plans to ensure all the phases, such as teaching, credit transfer and visa application, are independent of one another. It is useful to supervise each phase so problems can be easily fixed at an early stage. At the same time, uniting phases into a complete operating system that is run under the mission statement ensures cohesive operation.

All the phases in an overseas study program need to be closely connected to form an effective system. International standards in student recruitment and strict procedures of employing teachers are necessary to guarantee a high teaching quality, which is also a foundation for a joint period of learning English and credit transfer. A rigorous academic atmosphere comes from the authenticated records of studentsí» performances and their familiesí» documentation, which is recognized by foreign universities. Only the agencies that are strict in education, reliable in credit transfer and responsible in work can keep a high acceptance rate of visa applications and maintain credibility of embassies.

Before recruitment, studentsí» university entrance examination scores, scores of other subjects and their performance in senior high school have to be examined to ensure all the students are qualified. During the period of studentsí» study, studentsí» daily performances, test scores, and end of semester grades, must be recorded to ensure the educational system is objective and fair and to get the acknowledgement of foreign universities, which is also a guarantee of reliable credit transfer. The income status, family funds and deposits of studentsí» parents need to be strictly examined before submitting visa applications to ensure that all the documents are genuine. Any fake documents must be watched for strictly.

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