Professors at York University “Cloud” teaching

On the evening of December 15, 2022, Dr. Stephen Watson and Professor Andrew Skelton, two professors from the Faculty of Science at York University in Canada, delivered a lively and interesting mathematics course to students of the General Study Program of Shandong University.  The lecture was delivered through online distance learning.

     Dr. Stephen Watson, Dean of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University, lectured on "Introduction to Mathematics & Statistics and Career Outcomes".

     Professor Andrew Skelton of York University lectured on "Integral calculus with applications".

 The students listened carefully to the class, interacted with the professors in real time through video conferencing, and actively participated in the class presentation. 

 This activity has greatly enhanced the students' English listening and speaking skills, strengthened everyone's mastery of academic English, and at the same time broadened their thinking, so that everyone has a broader perspective on mathematics as major for undergraduate studies.