Strategies and goals

CNEEC plays a supplementary role in promoting Canadian higher education for export. We will forward suggestions and evaluations to foreign education markets according to the requirements of Canadian universities. We will design and run appropriate projects abroad in order to develop target education markets for Canadian higher education institutes. 
The number one strategic priority for CNEEC is to remain deeply involved in all of our projects, acting as a real partner with cooperating institutes abroad rather than simply functioning as a consulting or service agent. CNEEC will provide efficient management and full quality control for all of our projects supervising complete procedures, detailed regulations and documents.

The prospective partners of CNEEC should be exceptional higher education institutes, such as prestigious universities, in target countries. For example, CNEEC's two partners involved in the General Study Program are both universities which rank in the top of 50 among more than 1,300 universities, in China.

CNEEC also keeps in close and frequent contact with Canadian universities as we wish to provide a supplementary road to these universities in recruiting qualified international students. CNEEC may also provide detailed information, research reports, and other related documents to Canadian universities for their reference regarding differing education systems and student characteristics in various countries.


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