Welcoming New Students at the General Study Program, Southwest Jiaotong University

The General Studies Program (GSP) and Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) welcome the 2014 cohort of new students. The welcoming ceremony was successfully held in SWJTU’s Yifu Hall at 8:00AM, September 9th, 2014. The 84 new students were joined at the ceremony by Prof. Yan Kaiyin (GSP Director), leadership from the Foreign Affairs office, representatives of the Canadian office, and instructors at the GSP program.

Prof. Yan Kaiyin opened the ceremony by welcoming the new students and by giving a brief introduction to the GSP program, including its history, uniqueness and superiority. The GSP program has provided opportunities for many students to study in Canada and has supported those students who held on to their dreams of studying abroad, who toiled diligently to make them come true. Next, instructors representing credit courses faculty and English courses faculty briefed the new students on GSP program description and learning environment. They offered suggestions on adapting learning habits from high school to university and inspired new students by employing as examples past students with outstanding achievements. The instructors assured the students that as part of GSP’s pledge on educational excellence, its teachers will offer unwavering support for their students. Finally, student representatives from first and second years spoke about their experience in striving for academic excellence and in enjoying their university life, and about building a solid foundation for their studies in Canada. The first-year student representative enthusiastically expressed his passion for

learning and visions for the future. At the beginning of this new chapter in their lives, the new students are warmly encouraged to write new stories and paint new landscapes with their hard work and intelligence, and not to fear setbacks on the quests for their dreams, because the outstanding education and superior mentors of the GSP program will support them every step of the way.

The welcoming ceremony ended in round applause. Here, the students will begin a new two-year journey that will leave a memorable and indelible mark on their lives. Here, they will gain knowledge and prepare for further education abroad. GSP will be the stepping stone, allowing the students to strive together, advance together, and build a better tomorrow.



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