CNEEC Seeks New Business Opportunities with Local School Board


Staying one of the most important strategic planning of 2016 fiscal year, CNEEC is now seeking new international education exchange program with local school boards in great Vancouver area.

With the expectation of faster education reform practice happening in China, there is a large number of Chinese schools seeking international strategic partners who has good knowledge of education exchange program design and implementation.

“You may notice that lots of younger age international students nowadays in great Vancouver area. The spaces of  popular public schools in different school district  for upcoming 2016 September  are already full”, says CNEEC executive director Shirley Huang in a meeting with local school board international department. More demand and limited supply brings a very serious competition for students and parents who apply for international study.  At the same time, it brings a great opportunity for qualified educational organization like CNEEC working together with Chinese schools to involve more international elements in their courses design.

To strengthen partner relationship with local school district boards, CNEEC head office staff together with delegation from Jinan office had several meetings with local school district international departments in October. They visited several secondary schools of Coquitlam, Surrey, Lanley and Abbortsford. The information and knowledge acquired during the meeting will help with the direction services CNEEC provide to strategic partners in China.

They also visited some BC  cooperative university partners UBC, SFU and TRU with the outlook of taking existing GSP program to a solid new future.




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