Projects Management


One of CNEEC's primary objectives is to provide supplementary access to Canadian universities in the global market. This objective is achieved by providing special educational projects, based upon the standard of the Canadian higher education system, to different countries and their peoples.   
The project currently run by CNEEC is the General Study Program (GSP).  The GSP is presently operating at two prestigious universities, Shandong University and Southwest Jiaotong University in China.

The GSP is designed for students who intend to undertake further study towards undergraduate degrees in Canada. The objective of the GSP is to reduce obstacles for Chinese students in obtaining international education while at the same time creating a supplementary pool of qualified students from which Canadian universities can complement their international student recruitment.

The GSP was initiated at Shandong University in 2001 and South-west Jiaotong University in 2002.  


CNEEC is not simply a consulting agent or advisory service but rather a professional education research and management institute. All projects initiated by CNEEC are directly supervised and managed by CNEEC through a Management Committee in cooperation with our partners. 
CNEEC always establishes a local branch office, under  authorization from CNEEC's head office, where our projects are running. These branch offices are generally included in the project as a management team.

One of the key responsibilities of CNEEC is to govern the objectivity and authenticity of all aspects of the project. CNEEC recognizes objectivity and authenticity as valuable characteristics of our management style necessary to maintain our strong credibility.

Another responsibility of CNEEC is to provide efficient management and quality control by means of comprehensive involvement in our projects. CNEEC looks upon efficiency and quality as our vitality.


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