The Education Committee of Shandong Province of China approved the General Study Program (GSP) at Shandong University under the cooperation of Canadian National Education Exchange Center (CNEEC) and Shandong University (SDU) in 2001. 

Shandong University follows the GSP’s general curriculum and provides a high quality team of instructors, while offering more than 35 university courses covering the disciplines of Economics/Commerce and Science/Engineering, and providing the first two years of an internationally acceptable undergraduate degree. The GSP at SDU also provides the students with approximately 1,300 hours of intensive English training to meet international English standards. Qualified students who complete the courses provided by the GSP are eligible to apply to Canadian universities for further study towards an undergraduate degree based on their academic achievement. The GSP at SDU is an ideal program for students who are interested in further study in Canada.  

More than 2,300 students have completed their study in the GSP and were admitted as transfer students by more than thirty-sven Canadian universities up to 2017. 


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