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General Study Program

Canada is a well-developed country with an established higher education system that attracts foreign students worldwide. In China, there exists a considerable insufficiency of post-secondary educational opportunities, especially for degree education. Many young students wish for an opportunity to study in Canada, however, chances for studying in Canada are limited. There is a restriction of admission due to a lack of English proficiency since China's native language is not English. Costs of studying in Canada are another problem. Along with the complicated process and visa application, this is quite out of reach for many youths seeking to study in Canada.

The General Study Program (GSP) was initiated and organized by CNEEC and is currently operating in partnership with two universities in China. It effectively opens up an attractive, reliable, safe and easily accessible path for students wishing to receive further education in Canada. This will enable a supplementary development of  the student market in China. Not only is this program welcomed by Chinese students, it also brings many benefits and opportunities in Canada. 

The GSP, in cooperation with CNEEC, was successfully established in two prestigious universities in China, Shandong University (SDU) in 2001, and Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) in 2002.