Lily Liu Attended the Reception in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary and Ambassador John McCallum’s first visit to Chongqing

March 23, 2017, reception in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary and Ambassador John MaCallum’s first visit to Chongqing

was held on the night. The event was organized by the Consulate General of Canada in Chongqing. More than 150 guests from

southwest region of China were invited to attend. More than 350 photos from the live event show the fruits of cooperation and

exchange between Canada and the Southwest

of China in the past 100 years. Lily Liu,CNEEC deputy representative of

China, was invited to the event.

The ambassador is a professor of economics, former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at McGill University, senior vice president

and chief economist of Royal Bank of Canada. He also served as Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in the

cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as Minister of Defense, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Minister of Taxation in the

Cabinet of Prime Minister Jean-Chretien and Prime Minister Paul Martin. This is the first time that a minister from the Cabinet

was appointed as ambassador to China in the history of Canada.

As ambassador, Mr. McCallum will now play a key role in expanding Canada’s trading relationship with China, including a

possible free-trade agreement between the two countries. Chinese officials have spoken of “rare, historical opportunities between

China and Canada” under Mr. Trudeau’s leadership.

CNEEC will continue to carry on the obligations of education exchange and contribute to the progress of education industry

between the two countries.