Studying abroad helps you to learn a new language, appreciate other cultures, gain a greater understanding of the world and prepares you for today’s  workplace.  Along with your academic achievements studying abroad is a value-added consideration for many businesses when seeking to hire new graduates.

For more than 20 years, Canadian National Education Exchange Centre (CNEEC) has provided Chinese students education alternatives to achieve their goals through international studies overseas.

Today, Canadian higher education institutes are seeking to expand their educational offerings to students abroad. We make connections with Canadian universities and colleges with the intention of establishing value-added education projects as a means of exporting Canadian higher education to China.

We apply our years of experience and expertise to research, design, implement and manage educational projects. We also provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Comparison of international education systems.
  • Development of education markets in different countries
  • Research into education syllabuses and curriculum
  • Collection and analysis of statistics and other educational information

By partnering with universities in both China and in Canada we create opportunities for Chinese students to complete their undergraduate degree program in Canada.


Our mission is to establish effective connections with Canadian universities and colleges with the goal of  developing value-added   education projects in other counties as a means of promoting the export of Canadian higher education.
We develop educational projects  for various target groups, which can be implemented  internationally and connected with Canadian higher education institutes. CNEEC's goal is to provide a supplement for Canadian universities going to the global market through the provision of special education projects designed to the standards of Canadian higher education.

We provide well-organized and comprehensive planning and execution of international education and exchange projects including development of policies, procedures, supporting documents, reporting and evaluation.


A  strategic priority for CNEEC is to remain deeply involved in all of our projects, acting as a real partner with cooperating institutes abroad.  The prospective partners of CNEEC will be exceptional higher education institutes, such as universities in target countries.   For example, CNEEC's two partners involved in the General Study Program (“GSP”) are both universities which rank in the top of 50 among more than 3000 universities, in China.  This project effectively opens up an attractive, reliable, safe and easily accessible path for students wishing to receive further education in Canada. (See CNEEC – General Study Program for more details) .

CNEEC also keeps in close and frequent contact with Canadian universities as we wish to provide a supplementary road to these universities in recruiting qualified international students. CNEEC may also provide detailed information, research reports, and other related documents to Canadian universities for their reference regarding differing education systems and student characteristics in various countries.


CNEEC's own research encompasses a broad range of educational topics, including comparison of education systems, differences in syllabi, influences on education policies, insights into people and cultural backgrounds, and the development of the education markets abroad. We also devote our time to developing, designing and initiating education projects that support high education institutes in achieving their goals.
In recent years CNEEC's own research has concentrated on People's Republic of China. Current research topics include:

  • Policy trends in Chinese higher education
  • The current state of the education market and governing Chinese policy
  • Comparison of  higher education goals between China and western countries
  • Identification of resources and tools to assist Chinese Students studying abroad
  • The challenges and opportunities of Chinese students studying abroad
  • The financial, social and emotional impact to Chinese families who send their children to study abroad




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