CNEEC is an actively engaged institute working in the area of Canadian higher education. Our mission is to establish effective connections with Canadian universities and colleges with the intention of developing higher education projects in other counties as a means of promoting the export of Canadian higher education. 
CNEEC provides educational project designs for various target groups, which can be implemented practically internationally and easily connected with Canadian higher education systems. Especially in the field of international education and exchange, CNEEC provides efficient and comprehensive management, planning, and execution of education projects.

CNEEC's goal is to provide a supplement for Canadian universities going to the global market through the provision of special education projects designed to the standards of Canadian higher education.

CNEEC's responsibilities involve educational research, project design, implementation and management.

CNEEC is primarily concerned with research regarding the comparison of international education systems, curriculum and syllabuses. This involves research on both local and foreign education systems, collection of statistics and other educational information, and the designing, testing and execution of new education projects.
Furthermore, CNEEC wishes to promote effective international education exchanges and cooperation, and to extensively explore the education market and resources worldwide. It is our commitment to research and to serve in international education affairs in target countries.

In addition, CNEEC pays close attention to issues surrounding Canadian higher education. This includes in-depth research on the Canadian education industry and its development.

CNEEC is dedicated to making a high quality contribution to higher education and social development in Canada.


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