A series of meetings were held recently with representatives from Canadian National Education Exchange Centre (CNEEC) and University of Alberta.

The meetings symbolized each party’s ongoing commitment to the General Study Program operating at Shandong University, which results in the transfer of Chinese students completing their undergraduate degree program in Canada.  Many of these students choose University of Alberta, at top 6 university in Canada and top 100 in the World, for its quality academic education, affordability and a diverse and inclusive student and teacher population.

The team from CNEEC met with leaders representing, the following:

  • Faculty of Arts,
  • Faculty of Science,
  • International Recruitment
  • English Language School
  • International Engagement

The team from CNEEC heard the graduation rate of enrolled students is 93.8%, which is far above the average for international UofA student graduation.  Several of these students have gone on to pursue Masters, MBA, PhD and MSc program at UofA.

The team also heard English language proficiency of GSP students surpasses that of other international students.

CNEEC/GSP students are completing their degrees at an elite level.

CNEEC and the General Study Program looks forward to a continuing collaboration with University of Alberta.


Dr. Cen Huang, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (International)

Shirley Huang, Co-Founder CNEEC

John Gregory, Director International Recruitment and Transnational Programs, Univ. of Alberta

Ms. Guofang Hao, International Recruitment and Relations Coordinator, Univ. of Alberta

Shirley Huang, Co-Founder, CNEEC

Thomas Paulik, Director, Partnerships and Engagement, CNEEC