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Cooperation structure

All projects initiated by CNEEC are generally structured on three levels. Level one consists of CNEEC and our partners, level two is composed of the Management Committee, and level three includes the project and its operating institute.

CNEEC, as one of the cooperating partners, provides complete procedures, along with detailed documents and regulations for the projects operation. Concurrently, the Management Committee provides efficient management and full quality control through level two.  
CNEEC's partners, as part of the cooperation, will take responsibility for ensuing the smooth operation of the project. Most importantly, the partners must ensure that the project reaches and maintains the equivalent academic level and quality of their own institution.

The level two Management Committee is a policy-making, operation supervising, and strategy managing body. Both CNEEC and our partners conduct their management activities and operations through the Management Committee.

Level three includes the project and its operating institute. It is the body responsible for the implementation and execution of the project. CNEEC's staff is consistently involved in this body and also assumes important responsibilities of management.